Friday, August 31, 2012

Whit's 1st Day of Preschool

The day I have been dreading.

Whit's 1st Day of Preschool.

Not because I was all teary eyed at the thought of my baby leaving the nest for a few hours-
Dreading it because Whit has been telling me for months, that, in no uncertain terms-
he WAS NOT going to Preschool 
and when the kid makes up his mind about something DON'T try to change it!
Trust me it can get UGLY!
His claim was that he was too SMART for school (he probably has a point) 
but none the less I still felt he needed a little social grooming before kindergarten next year.

We have tried to persuade him that school was going to be fun. That he was just going to go and play for a few hours and since he is so SMART he needed to help the other kids at school learn some things (I apologize in advance to the parents of his classmates for anything Whit might "TEACH" their children).
Upon reflection of this Whit informed me that (and I quote):

"You wasted your money, Mom"

So, with much trepidation we set off for our first morning of Preschool.

He is in Mrs. Williams "Friendly Frogs" room and he was ready with his SUPER MARIO bag.
We got to school, unloaded, walked into school, walked into the room, Whit turned around said "Bye MOM" and that was it. What??? So easy! No tears, no bad attitude, no prying him off of my leg. I stood there half in shock and then realized I better get out of there before he changed his mind. When I picked him up he was running around with some boys from his class and proclaimed that school was "GREAT"!

Go figure? 
This parenting thing is like one HUGE conundrum.
Prepare for the worst and everything works out fine,
Think every thing is fine and all HE!! breaks loose!
Just when you think you know your kid and how they will react they 
do a 180 and have you questioning your parenting prowess.
I guess we just have to roll with it and keep scratching our heads. 
Thankfully, in this instance it turned out way better than expected (let's just hope we get a repeat performance next week when he has his 2nd day of school!).

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