Friday, April 29, 2011

Visiting Mimi & Bepa

Easter Egg Hunt


rain/mud boots


Bunny Cake

Egg dying

While @ Mimi and Bepa's:

new trampoline
getting muddy
egg dying
running in the field
movie watching
baking bunny cake
egg hunt
making messes
playing Wii
having fun

Thursday, April 28, 2011

TeddyBears & Thomas the Tank Engine

Griffin re-visiting his younger years- You're never to old for a giant teddy bear hug!

A Girl Without Freckles is Like a Night Without Stars

Reese- My Freckled-Faced Girl!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


PEEPS for breakfast

Pancake Breakfast @ church

Easter goodies

Our Easter was very low key. A few treats in our baskets, pancakes @ church and playing @ home. A family wiffle ball game, a trip to the pool because it was 90 degrees and some yard work. Now back to school and work for the final push before summer. I think I need to take a lot of naps between now and then so I am prepared for 10 weeks of entertaining 7 kids!



CAMPING-MARKLAND STYLE (in the backyard)

I have survived spring break and my kids are back at school and I am exhausted! It was a sneak preview of summer vacation that will be here in 6 short weeks. We didn't go anywhere but took several day trips to pass the days. The kids explored several state parks, camped in the yard, went go-carting and took a quick trip to NC. Nothing too exciting but they seemed to have a fun and relaxing week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soccer Finale

It has come to an end! Club soccer season is OVER! Carson & Reese had their last tournament over the weekend and for Carson it was great because her team WON! Reese's team was not as successful but she had fun despite their less than stellar performance. We still have a few more weeks of JV and rec soccer but the end is in sight. Can I get a HALLELUJAH!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Torture

OK. So I couldn't resist the cute party hat. I knew that Murphy would probably not like it on his head but I decided to torture him anyway- that's what moms are for- right? After the initial rejection he actually kept it on for a few minutes- long enough to get a few "Birthday Boy" photos so it was a success in my book.

Let HIm Eat Cake!!!

Never have I seen a 1 year old enjoy his cake sooooooo much. This kid went after it like a cake eating professional. Once he tasted that first bite of sweet icing there was no stopping him. At on point he picked up the entire cake and tried to get it all in his mouth at once. He actually managed to eat most of
it except for the icing gluing his fingers together and the icing beard on his face.

Whit's Egg Hunt

The obligatory preschool Easter Egg Hunt. Whit actually hunted for eggs this year. Thankfully, each kid was allowed to find 12 eggs and then they were done- not too much candy and junk to take home-my kind of hunt!