Friday, July 11, 2008

                                       Hadley, Griffin, Whit, Carson, Reese & Brett at Edisto
                                                   Mud Wrestling in the mud at Edisto
                                               Mom and the Gang at Edisto- July 9, 2008

Another week and another trip to the beach-what a hard life we have! This week we were at Edisto with Gram and Grandpa Markland. The kids love to ride in the golf cart with Grandpa and they love to play in the "mucky mud" at the end of the Island. They get covered from head to toe in the nasty stuff. We also find lots of pretty shells to collect and bring home. While we were their Mom and Pop (Kelly & Kevin) celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss (ha-ha)! Boy that makes me feel old to think I've been married that long! It was another fun week for us- Gee, I wonder what we will do next week?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well, we made our annual pilgrimage to Kiawah Island, SC over the fourth of July. It was a little hectic with a houseful of kids but enjoyable nonetheless. It was Whit's first trip to the beach and as with everything he just took it in stride. He seemed very intrigued by the wave action and the sand between his toes. The big kids enjoyed jumping the waves, body surfing and playing in the sand as well. Brett ventured into the surf briefly but was much more content digging holes in the sand for his trucks. Reese was also not to keen on venturing out to far into the waves because she had an unexplained fear of jellyfish of which we saw none! Go figure! Carson and Hadley were my usual surfer girls and it took an act of God to get them ashore (thunder or a threat from mom). Griffin was his typical teenage self wanting to come and go as he pleased but enjoying some QT with Kimmy on their many bike rides. We enjoyed the company of many during our week- Mimi, Bepa, Kim, Kalyn, Patrick, Sue and Chrissy (cousins) and we were once again refreshed by our visit to the ocean (except for mom/Kelly who was a bit less refreshed due to her early morning wake up calls from Whit).