Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

There's a Party going on 'round here...
and todays celebration was the kindergarten variety
they sang some songs, ate some cookies and got some end of year goodies

Brett will now move on to 1st grade as a capable, confident student.
He had a great first year of "BIG" school and will now be able to enjoy
relaxing at home until August.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Student of the Year!!!

That's right!
Carson is the STUDENT OF THE YEAR in 7th grade!
She was very surprised that she was chosen but she is definitely deserving!
She is a smart, hard working, multi-talented girl!
Principal's Honor Roll all year.
Honor Student
Honor Drama Student
JV Soccer Star
and all-around "SUPER GIRL"!
We are very proud of her and all of her accomplishments this year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bon Jour

Our mime- wish she could use more of her miming skills at home!

Hadley had a French performance at school. As a part of the French program at her school the third grade always does a french play, mime and african drumming and dance. Hadley took part in all aspects of the program and did a great job despite not feeling well (woke up the next morning with strep)!

Hoop Dreams

We have been having a little driveway basketball tournament around here.
Griffin & Brett v. Carson & Reese.
It gets a little intense but fortunately there have only been a few minor injuries.
The girls won the last 7 game series but I think there is a re-match underway.
BTW- Love the girls warm-up caps don't you?


all she needs is the chair!

Hadley being Hadley!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm a BIG Kid Now

Murphy apparently thinks he is a big kid and can forgo the highchair and sit at the table like everyone else. Unfortunately, he only sits for 2 seconds before he is on top of the table wreaking havoc- spilling drinks, pushing plates off, stealing food, swinging the light- you get the idea.

I'm Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!

Skip spring- go straight to summer. Today high of 97! We are already in full swing with the backyard water toys. It is the only way to tolerate the heat. The water department LOVES us this time of year because our water bill probably pays a few salaries!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough....

Murphy has no fear and has the ability to scale many things normal 1 year olds wouldn't attempt.
He climbs on any and everything he can.
The neighborhood playground meant for 5-12 year olds poses no challenge for him. He climbs right to the top and goes down the biggest slide. Feet first, face first- doesn't matter to him. He is a thrill seeker much to my chagrin. This could be another Hadley in the making and I know I am to old for that!

Murphy @ 13 months (a little late)

That is how I would describe Murphy right now.
Into everything.
Our house is rearranged because he climbs on everything.
Our kitchen chairs reside in the closet so he won't climb on the table.
Our trash can is on the counter so he won't knock it over.
The stairs and fireplace are boarded up.
There is no chair at the desk so he can't climb on the desk and mess up the computer.
In other words, I don't think we will be in the parade of homes this year!
He is also very vocal lately.
Heaven forbid you take something from him- you'll hear about it for the next 20 minutes.
He lives outside- mainly to preserve some order inside.
He eats lots of dirt, sand and grass.
He still loves water.
He plays hard and sleeps hard which gives us a chance to catch our breath.
Word to the wise- babies and 40 year olds don't mix!

Birthday Suit!!!

To stay with the birthday theme someone around here thinks it is funny to sport his birthday suit outside (don't worry it is not me!)
Can't you just see that mischievous look in his eyes?
You know he is up to something when he gets this look
and on this day it was running around the yard NAKED!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


      I'm going to make this post quick because I am doing this secretly while you are outside.  Now, after, several failed attempts, I have finally hacked onto your blog to tell you what an admirable and peachy (thesaurus.com) mother you are.  Every one of us in your life is lucky to have you, and you leave a mark on everyone you meet.  It might not show up clearly all the time, but we love you.  I'll say it again to reemphasize my point.  We love you.  You do lots of things for us and you're the only person I know who can cook things with one hand.  You're also skilled at many things including photography!  I don't want to get to cliche though, so I'll just say that to sum it up, as a mom, YOU KICK BUTT!  Love, all your crazy kids

(I'm sorry if the pictures are bad, but they're the only ones I could find on your computer because you delete every picture of yourself.  You are radiant mom, truly).


It's Official......


Today I am 40!!!
I don't really get caught up in the number but it just sounds old!
(No offense to anyone who is over 40)

By 40 I feel like I should have done a lot more because lets face it- I am halfway through life.
Where is my high powered career?
Where is my 6 figure income?
Where are my souvenirs from my travels around the world?
Where is my summer vacation home? My boat? My fine automobile?
My plastic "enhancements" and Botox?

Oh Yeah! I forgot (remember I am old) I traded all that for:

A loving, hardworking (sometimes pain in the A#@) husband
7 wonderful (sometimes) & healthy kids
2 crazy MUTTS
A comfortable, albeit chaotic home
A fine "MOM MOBILE" (minivan for those who don't know)
wrinkles but thankfully no stretch marks
and lots of laughter and happiness!

I am a Lucky OLD Woman!

BTW- That is me some 40 years ago!

Secretary of Labor

carson & her team

Carson had her team banquet for JV last night. We missed the memo about "dressing up" so Carson was a little under-dressed in her t'shirt and skimmers but oh well! She was voted by her team mates as
"Secretary of Labor" for being the hardest worker- always a worthy award to receive.
She had a very good season and made a lot of new friends!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Aren't these the CUTEST! The smallest pair of CROCS you can buy.
Murphy is a walking fool now so it was time to get some shoes so he wasn't the "HILLBILLY" baby with bare feet all the time although he would much prefer that. The first time we slapped those puppies on you would have thought I had encased his feet in concrete. He "struggled" to get them off the ground and tripped and stumbled all over the place. He has since gotten the hang of them but still attempts to take them off whenever he can.


Brett's "DEAD EYE" taunt after he scores a goal

Last soccer games always mean that it is TROPHY DAY!
Brett managed to have a hat trick in his season finale  and his woeful squad managed to get  a victory!
Now on to summer and a soccer break for him until fall.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shark Boy

Thanks for the CUTE suit Kalyn & Patrick! Murphy is definitely the cutest fish in the sea when he is sporting his SHARK SUIT!