Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 93RD!!!

We helped Great Gram celebrate her 93rd birthday! WOW! It is always crazy with our whole crew- lots of coming and going. It is hard to get them all seated for a decent meal. Plus, they eat so fast that they are usually done before the adults sit down to eat. I am sure Great Gram likes her visits but she probably really enjoys the peace and quiet after she is back at her house!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Soccer Saga continued...

Carson on a corner

Reese's goal kick

Since soccer has become our life this fall there are A LOT of soccer posts. I spent ALL day saturday in Augusta with Carson and Reese and their soccer teams. Both girls played really good and continue to improve each week. Carson's team continues to struggle despite her best efforts which makes it hard to be positive and see past the losing score. She continues to be at the center of the defense and is responsible for all goal kicks and corner kicks due to her strong leg and ability to place the ball where it needs to be. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get many balls past the other teams goalie. Reese's team is doing great and really starting to gel as a team. Reese had 5 goals including a direct kick goal and a penalty kick goal. It continues next weekend with a big tournament. Here's hoping for cooler weather and good play!

Poppy's Birthday

Whit opening Poppy's birthday gift

When you are an adult around here and your birthday falls in the middle of a very busy week there isn't much celebrating. We did manage to have a cake after all of our activities were done for the night. Poor Kevin didn't even have a chance to open his gift because Whit saw it sitting on the shelf earlier that day and decided to open it for him!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Your eyes are not deceiving you-that is Hadley in a soccer uniform!

Hadley running after the ball

Carson the Captain

Carson's goal kick

Reese's header

Reese getting a shot off

the PUSH


She was fine and got a direct kick

5 soccer games + 3 different cities + 90 degrees = 1 LONG Saturday!

Yogi in the making

How do babies do this? Especially when they are as chunky as Murphy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Murphy @ 5 months

Murphy is 5 months old today. He has lots of new tricks. He can roll from back to front and front to back. He has also started to pick his butt up in the air and inch his way around the floor- NOT GOOD! He also can push up on his arms when he is on his belly and survey the lay of the land. He is still not a great sleeper-screams to the point of vomiting if we don't get him quick enough (Griffin was the same way)! He still loves to eat! I am too lazy to start solids yet but that is coming in the near future. He also loves to eat his toes. Frankly, I am surprised he can get them to his mouth due to his chubby belly. He is still pretty happy and goes with the flow of our crazy life. Sometimes I have to double check to make sure I have put him in the car because he is so quiet back there!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hard Hat Zone

Hard Hat Helpers- Do you like Whit's outfit!?

OK! So I decided I wanted a storage bench in the garage where the kids could NEATLY store their shoes and where they could also sit to put their shoes on instead of using the garage steps and blocking the doorway. I "designed" what I had in mind and my self proclaimed "Carpenter/Handyman" husband (yes, I am talking about Kevin!) decided he could construct it. Since it was only going in the garage and it didn't have to be fancy I let him have a go at it. With a little help from his apprentices he got it done. Now lets see if I can train the kids to use it!

Brett @ the barn

Brett paused long enough for me to get a few pictures of him at Mimi's barn. He was very busy with all of his fishing, yard work, tilling and Wii playing so he didn't have much time for me to take a lot of pictures.

Lake Marblehead

Some pics from the fishing expedition at Mimi's house.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jump for Joy!

Run Carson, Run

You spin me right round baby!

Carson twirling in the field

My Model

While we were at Mimi's Carson and I did a little photo shoot. I wanted to do it with all the girls but Carson was the only cooperative subject. Here are some of the pics.

Birthday Celebration X 3

Since Carson, Reese and Hadley's birthdays are within a few weeks of each other we celebrated all 3 with Mimi when we went to visit her. Our good friend Daughn came over and Patrick made it extra exciting by having a bonfire! It was so much fun!


Carson brave enough to eat one

Patrick spent Saturday morning teaching the kids how to fish. First they learned how to catch crayfish in the creek. They became quite good and ended up catching about 10. Carson was the only one willing to do a taste test. She said it mostly tasted like the butter she put on it. In the afternoon it was off to the lake to catch some fish. They caught a few but threw them back since no one at my house likes fish!

Pond building and hard labor

hard working Patrick

Whit digging up what was already planted


The Turtle Pond

When we arrived at Mimi's house for our visit it was soooo nice outside that she put us right to work in the yard. The kids helped Mimi plant roses and strawberries and helped Patrick make a pond for the turtle. It was a busy day with lots accomplished!