Friday, March 26, 2010

Can anyone say Granny Smith Apple?

That's what I look like in this lovely lime green shirt! Just when you thought you couldn't possibly get any bigger you do. I am definitely at the stage of total discomfort and I am looking forward to not having this huge belly but at the same time I know what is around the corner- a lot less SLEEP!

Spring has Sprung

AAAHHHH! Spring has decided to hang around for awhile. Everything is blooming and the grass is starting to green up. That means we can spend lots of time outside. YEAH!

Edible Chalk?

Whit still seems to think that everything belongs in his mouth. For example, this green chalk that he decided to taste test.GROSS!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Leprechauns

This is a little late but I thought the kids looked cute in the green hats that the bus driver gave them. We didn't do anything fun for St. Pat's Day- I am not even sure if all the kids wore green that day. I am getting to the point of being too pregnant and therefore too tired to do any "cutsie" stuff. I really need to get my act together though because Easter is just around the corner and I haven't done anything!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tennis season underway

Griffin's tennis season has finally started! After a month of long practices and conditioning they had their first 2 matches this week and won both. Griffin looks good and is rounding into tennis shape after his winter lay-off. Hopefully they will have a good season. Even better is the fact that it is suppose to be in the mid 70's for the next few days! Perfect tennis weather.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Soccer Fan?

contemplating how he can over that fence!

So what does a 2 year old do while his older siblings are playing soccer? Does he sit quietly and watch the game so his mother can watch the action, too? Unfortunately, not Whit. He spends most of his time wandering the fields, looking for mud, rocks, bugs, bigger kids to follow into the woods, escaping in to the parking lot to dodge traffic, getting shoulder rides from anyone willing to hoist him on their shoulders (usually Griffin) and generally being a 2 year old!

Kitchen Help

Since Carson has started cooking she spends many afternoons in the kitchen. She apparently has a trusty assistant in the form of a four-legged beggar who stands under foot hoping for any morsel of food to drop to the floor. It seems that she got a sprinkling of flour instead.

Jr. Beta Club Induction

Carson was inducted into the Jr. Beta club at her school. It basically recognizes kids for getting good grades. Along with being in the club you also have to do some community service which is GREAT- I just have to find a few more hours in my week so we can get her to her volunteer work!

Stupid kid tricks

Let me just tell you that we have some talent around here. Brett decided he wanted to try to balance a spoon on his nose- I think he saw someone on tv do it. WOW! Are you as impressed as I am?

And so it begins...again

Don't adjust your monitor-Brett's jerseys are HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW!
Brett on a break away
Carson & Reese lining up for a corner

Soccer season is upon us...again. We had a busy soccer day with Brett's game in the morning and Carson & Reese's game in the afternoon. Thankfully it was a beautiful day so it was pleasant to be outside. Both teams did great and the kids had fun!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Hardware

Hadley had another gymnastics meet this past weekend and she did sooooo good. She won the GOLD in the all-around and medaled in each event (Gold-beam, Gold-vault, Bronze-floor, Bronze-bars). She has worked so hard all year and we are very proud of her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Show

Since Kalyn was visiting for the weekend we took the girls out to look for Jr. Bridesmaid/Flower girl dresses for Kalyn"s wedding. Boy did they enjoy trying on and modeling all the different styles at the bridal store (I am a little frightened of what the future may hold for me with 3 girls who LOVE to shop and try on clothes!). Here are a few of the samples.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Look who's 2!!!

Whitaker celebrated his 2nd birthday! YIPPEE! No big party but luckily Mimi, Kalyn and Patrick plus Gram & Grandpa were able to help us celebrate. Whit loves ELMO so he got an Elmo cake and balloons. He wasn't so sure about the big Elmo balloon but he eventually warmed up to it. He got lots of new stuff- Elmo Live (talking Elmo doll), new trucks, bubbles and playdough! What more could you ask for?

Singing in the rain

It was ANOTHER rainy day but warm enough to play outside despite the wetness. My kiddos really need to get out and run everyday. It makes them happy and more pleasant to be around. It was only drizzling so out we went. They built umbrella forts and splashed in puddles!