Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carving pumpkins

Brett and Whit "helped" Grandpa carve his pumpkin. Grandpa did most of the work but Brett was able to do a little bit of the carving.

Whit's new hair

Before- Whit's "Rocker" hair

After- Clean cut and looking like a boy!

Well, I finally broke down and cut Whit's hair. He definitely doesn't look like a little girl anymore. The girls want his old hair back but Brett and Poppy are glad that he finally looks like a boy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Soccer

Carson and Reese had another game yesterday and I was able to go without Whit again so I tried to get some more photos but wouldn't you know my battery died after taking just a few- it figures! I only got a couple of Carson but they both scored a goal and played great! Carson had to work really hard because she takes all of the corner kicks and they had about 20 or so.

Brett & Whit

Just some pics of Brett and Whit outside.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just another "Manic" Saturday!

I am sooooo glad it is Sunday! Yesterday was crazy! Here is a synopsis of our day.

6:00 am walk dogs
7:00 am wake up kids to get them going
8:00 am drop Hadley at her gymnastics clinic
8:10 am quick workout at YMCA
9:00 am Brett's soccer game
10:00 am home to change everyone because the fields were so muddy and wet that we all needed new clothes
10:45 am lunch- yes it is early but it's the only time we have to eat
11:45 am get Carson and Reese ready for soccer
12:15 pm leave for soccer game
12:45 pm pick Hadley up at gymnastics
1:00 pm take Hadley to birthday party
2:30 pm pick Hadley up from party
4:00 pm home from soccer game
5:00 pm get Griffin ready for Homecoming
5:45 pm take Griffin to get pictures before dinner and dance
6:30 pm feed, bath, snack for all at home
8:00 pm to bed for little guys-thank goodness!
8:15-10:45 watch Gamecocks lose to Alabama
11:00 pm pick Griffin up from dance
12:00 pm to bed- FINALLY!!!!

Wow! I am tired just typing all that. Thank heavens for Sunday. We have NOTHING on the calendar so I think we will hang at home play and watch some football. If I am lucky I might even get a NAP!

OMG! I am not ready for this!

Sharp dressed "Man"

Is that his date? No, it's his Mom! (ha-ha)

Griffin and his friend Erin

OK! Griffin went to his first Homecoming dance! I know I am not ready for this! He went with his friend Erin and they both looked so nice dressed up. I think they had fun but unfortunately the dance was outside at some rooftop location downtown and it got pretty chilly so I think they were all cold- especially the girls.

Nothing but CROCS!

For Whit, every outfit starts with his green CROCS. He love, love, loves his CROCS. He even sleeps in them if he can. He can even put them on all by himself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

"Sweet" Reese

So we were at the doctors office getting our flu shots. I had myself and all the kids so that meant I had to fill out 7 forms so we could get the shots. They were standard forms with name, address etc... plus a few medical questions. Since I had 7 to fill out I asked Carson to help watch Whit and I asked Reese to help me fill out her form. She was filling it out and got to the question:

For Women: Are you or do you suspect you are pregnant?

She leans over towards me and whispers:

"Mom, should I suspect that I am pregnant?"

My reply:

"Gosh, I hope not given that you are 9!"

Needless to say she is not pregnant and we all got our flu shots.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whit's new hat

Whit decided that his bowl would make a better hat. It would have been nice if the bowl was empty before he put it on his head!

It's raining kids!

Ok, so it poured down rain all day on our day off from school- doesn't it figure. Oh, well that didn't stop my kids from playing outside. The gathered up every piece of clothing that they owned, put it on and went out on the trampoline for several hours. Of course now I am washing hundreds of pieces of clothing because of it!

Carson and Reese-soccer

Carson on a corner kick

Reese going to goal- she did score!

Girl Power!



Well, I finally got some pictures of the girls playing soccer this season. I actually got to sit and watch an entire game without having to take Whit to the playground or chase him off the field (he was home asleep with Gram- Yeah!). They won 4-0 and Carson and Reese were sooooo happy that my undivided attention was on them the whole game-not!!!! It just meant that I got to yell a lot! I think they like it better when I am at the playground.

Whit in the kitchen

I found a way to keep Whit in one place for 5 minutes. Give him a beater with cookie dough on it. Now I guess I just have to start baking a lot of cookies (ha-ha)! By the way, I made choc. chip cookies from scratch (not slice and bake- my usual) and my dear eldest child refused to eat them. He said he wasn't going to take that kind of risk! Just gotta love those teenagers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Whit's 1st Masterpiece

Here it is! Whit's 1st piece of "art" from school! I will only have 5,000 more "precious" masterpieces before he leaves preschool. I am actually amazed that they let him use paint inside the classroom. They must be crazy!!!

Griffin's Freshman picture

Here is Griffin's school picture for this year. I will have to say that it is actually pretty good given that it is a school photo.

Life is Good!

Enough said!!!

Mommy's little Vampires

I guess it is fitting that Whit wanted to wear these vampire fangs given his recent need to bite his "friend" at school. Luckily, it was only once so I guess I shouldn't encourage it at home by pretending to be vampires- but he does look funny!

New Kitchen

YEAH! We finally ( I say we but it was mostly Kevin) finished peeling the ugly pineapple wallpaper off of the kitchen walls! As you can see we painted it green but the color doesn't really matter I am just so happy to get rid of those pineapples!