Thursday, February 25, 2010

Put to work

Griffin shooting

Carson rebounding

Griffin has decided to work hard in the basketball off-season to improve his game for next year. So he has enlisted the help of Carson. He has decided that she will be his rebounder while he shoots baskets in the driveway. Surprisingly, she agreed and they spent several hours out in the driveway working on their skills this weekend.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally-A Nice Day!!!

The weekend was sooooo nice. Temps in the mid 60's and lots of sun. We took advantage and spent a lot of time outside. We even ate outside!

Father-Daughter Dance

The elementary school had the annual Father-Daughter dance on Friday. It was a crazy day so we didn't have much time to prepare and make ourselves (the girls) beautiful but they managed to throw on their Christmas dresses and run out the door in time to enjoy a couple of hours at the dance running around and listening to very loud music. I only managed to get a pic of the girls- sorry Kevin!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breakfast of Champions!

Whit has been a picky eater lately so I haven't been too strict on making him eat "healthy". I am just happy if he eats anything! I think we are being a little too lenient when breakfast consists of toast (that wasn't eaten), conversation hearts and chocolate! He ate the whole box including the chocolate covered coconut- GROSS!

Whit's "TRIM"

Whit has been insisting that Poppy give him a "trim" with the hair clippers. His hair was getting a little shaggy so I gave in and let Kevin BUZZ his hair! I didn't intend on it being quite this short but it will grow back-I promise!

Brett loves Mommy

Brett finally agreed to wear his "I Love Mommy" shirt on Valentine's Day but only because it was a Sunday and he wouldn't see any of his friends!

Snow in Southland

When we woke up on Saturday we had about 6" of snow- amazing! It is the most snow down here in some 20 years or so. The kids wanted to get out first thing in the morning so we dragged all of our winter gear from Asheville out of the attic and started the process of bundling everyone up........some 30 minutes later we headed out the door for SNOW FUN! It was great fun for the kids and they didn't even complain about being cold or wet. Thankfully, the sun came out and melted most of it away by night fall. Now that is my kind of snow- here and gone in 24 hours- Sorry to all of you still dealing with many feet of snow!

First Snow

I know all of you guys up north have had ENOUGH of the white stuff but down here in Dixie we were excited at the possibility of having some snow to frolic in. It started snowing around 3 on Friday afternoon and the kids were sooooo excited (except for Reese who came home from school throwing up- JOY!). We didn't know if it would last so we ran out to play as it was falling.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Camera

I finally got my new camera yesterday. I just started playing around with it and snapped a few photos of the kids. Here they are-


I bought Whit and Brett these cute shirts to wear for Valentine's Day. Whit put his on with no problem- he could care less what it says. Brett, however, looked at it and asked, "What does it say?", so I told him it says "I LOVE MOMMY". He looked at me and said without hesitation, "I can't wear that in front of my friends!". Can you believe it, he is too "cool" at 5 to wear an I LOVE MOMMY shirt! I reminded him that most of his friends can't read but that didn't convince him to put it on.

Betty Crocker

Carson is on a cooking kick. She loves to bake. Unfortunately, all the stuff she is making is very yummy and very fattening! I have very little will power when it comes to sweets and as much as I try to resist I still find myself nibbling/stuffing my face with her latest delicacy. I think I need to encourage her to look for some "diet" recipes or I am going to be very unhappy the next time I step on the scale!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Brett performing with "Lady" the circus dog

We went to the circus on Saturday and had lots of fun (and spent lots of $ on snacks!). It was quite eventful and memorable! Before the show they let you go on the floor and see some of the acts and animals close-up. They brought a little dog out and Brett got to be the audience volunteer to get in on the act with the dog. He finished his act and not 2 minutes later an elephant got loose on the floor! They had to quickly get everyone back to their seats so they could restore order. Fortunately, the elephant got back to where it belonged and the show went on as scheduled.

More Basketball

The season is almost over-hard to believe. Griffin has 2 games this week and then it is on to tennis. Here are some picks from his last game. They beat Lexington-one of our rivals and the whole team played really good. They are finally putting it all together just in time for the season to end!!!

Groundhog's Day

I felt like it was Groundhog's Day (the movie) last week. Every morning a new kid woke up SICK! Luckily, we made our way through the storm of sickness and everyone is healthy again!!! Carson made these cute Groundhog pudding snacks but couldn't eat any because she spent the rest of the next day throwing up!

What to do?

Last week was miserable. I had 4 out of 6 kids sick and the weather was nasty! We got a bit of cabin fever so I had to find something to entertain the little beasts. One morning Brett and Whit made bath tub paint with me and then got in the nice warm tub to soak all of their "troubles" away!

Love Notes

Ok, so for Valentine's Day I came across an idea to have my kids write "love note" to one another. Simp;e task-right!? I gave each kid 7 hearts to write something nice about each member of the family. You would have thought I had asked them to pull out their own teeth. After the initial moaning they sat down and got to work and could actually think of something nice to say about everyone-imagine that!? I taped them up on the cabinets as a reminder that even though we can all get on each others nerves we still LOVE one another! Oh, and yes, I even made Griffin do this-he was THRILLED!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out to lunch

Griffin's jumper

Whit being Whit

Carson- The Julia Childs of Irmo

Wow! Time has gotten away from me. I haven't posted anything for 2+ weeks. It is not because nothing is going on just have not found the time to sit and do it. Right now I am home with sick kids. FUN-FUN. Carson is throwing up, Hadley has a fever and sore throat and Griffin has a fever and body aches. Whit isn't "sick" but he is getting teeth and is therefore grumpy and not sleeping hence I am not sleeping which makes for a VERY bad day. February always seems to be our month to get sick. Oh well, this to shall pass. For the past 2 weeks we have been busy with all of our regular stuff. Basketball is winding down- 3 games to go but tennis has already started so Griffin has been going to basketball and tennis practice when time allows. Hadley continues her rigorous gymnastics schedule with 3 meets in the course of the next 4 weeks-YEAH! Reese is going back to tennis lessons and soccer starts at the end of the month for Carson, Reese and Brett. I guess we better get well soon! I am posting some random photos just because I hate not having any pics to go with my blog. I will try to post agin before spring arrives!