Friday, July 23, 2010

Brett's sweaty Mop Top

This is what Brett looked like after an evening scooter ride. He usually has a tight crew cut but hasn't had a buzz in a few weeks so his hair got all sweaty and crazy looking inside of his bike helmet. I thought it looked cute so I snapped a few photos. He really didn't want me to and said: 
"MOM, don't take my picture because you are just going to humiliate me!"
So, here I am, "humiliating" him on my blog!


Does this only happen at my house? Are my kids the only ones who can't seem to find the appropriate place for their clothing? It seems like we change clothes at least 2 or 3 times a day during the summer and the clothing never seems to be put back where it belongs. My house has become one big pile of clothes and I am the lucky one who gets stuck finding a home for everything! I wonder what would happen if I didn't put all of these things away at the end of the day? Our house would look like an episode of "HOARDERS"!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A summer of Farewells




It has been a rough summer for Whitaker. He has said goodbye to several of his favorite things and has crossed over into "BIG BOY" territory. We started the summer off by taking away his beloved "PABA" otherwise known as a pacifier. Next, it was on to potty training and a farewell to diapers. He has done so well but still asks to put on a diaper occasionally. Last but not least, he bide adieu to his cozy crib. Not so hard for him, much harder for me because now he is loose at night and can wander the halls looking for us!

KITCHEN HELP WANTED: Clothing Optional

I am not picky- I'll take help however I can get it!


Making the "Mii's"

The girls decided that they would all ask for the Wii for their birthdays. We decided to get it a little early so they could use it for the rest of summer vacation. For the last 2 days they have been having a Wii marathon- not the best use of time but it is so HOT that I figured a day or two of inside play won't kill them or too many brain cells!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food or Sleep?

This is Whit's dilemma for the summer. He has gotten to the age where napping is not an everyday activity. On the days he naps he is up howling at the moon and on the days he doesn't he falls asleep at the dinner table. I am not sure what I prefer?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Murphy @ 3 months

Smiles and Drool

Love those fingers!


Working the Mohawk

Today Murphy is 3 months old. He is pretty happy and as you can see- CHUBBY! He still insists on getting up once during the night. I guess he realizes that this is the only time he gets my undivided attention. He has made a couple of road trips this month and he is a super traveler. As long as his tummy is kept full he is good to go. He is smiling and talking to us a lot. He has started some "tummy-time" sessions but he really doesn't like it. He loves to suck on his fingers and be held- of course!


Reese- not so crazy about the 
"roasted" marshmallow

While we were at Mimi's the girls wanted to make smores with "real" roasted marshmallows. We had never done them over an open flame (you know me-I use the microwave for everything!) so they were excited to try it the right way. It took longer than they expected- no instant gratification here- and when they tasted them they were not too crazy about the chargrilled flavor. After a few tries they got a little better at roasting instead of burning them and managed to scarf done plenty of smores.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Down on the farm

We went for a quick visit to Mimi's new house in NC. She has lots of room to run and play and an old barn that is quite the attraction for the kids. Plus it is a great place to take pics! We had so much fun and look forward to spending lots of time exploring!


At Mimi's new house in NC she has wild blackberries growing all along her fence. The kids decided to go out and harvest as many as they could. They picked quite a few, making the local deer population very upset because there are now far fewer berries for them to enjoy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Feet

There's nothing like running barefoot through the soft summer grass! Of course,
my kids run barefoot through the grass in any season regardless of the temperature. 

Whit strikes again!

Left alone for 2 minutes while I changed a diaper, Whit manages to find the only working EXPO marker in the entire house and draws a "lovely" masterpiece on Carson and Reese's wall! Oh, how I love 2 year olds!!!

Whit's "Utility Belt"

Whit has found a new use for his diaper- Utility Belt just like Batman! He happens to have an action figure shield, ipod nano, playing card and toy symbol stuffed in there. I am not sure how he plans to use them but maybe he is crafty like "McGyver" and can concoct some sort of bomb or weapon to help him escape the bad guys!

New or Retro style?

New fashion trend or Retro style ala DEVO in the "WHIP IT" music video?

Typical ME

Brett got a hold of my camera and snapped some pictures of me sitting on the sidewalk. Not the best but so TYPICAL of me and my days right now. You can usually find me outside in a t'shirt and running shorts with my hair up in some sort-of ponytail or messy bun with my sunglasses on. Not glamorous by any means but definitely comfortable. Like most Moms, I take tons of pictures of my kids but rarely find myself in the photos. When I am in a picture I usually HATE how I look- too many wrinkles, bad hair, excess weight in certain areas etc.- but I really need to get a grip. No one cares except me. My mission is to get in front of the camera more instead of always being behind it!

Boys of Summer

So far this summer has consisted of a lot of playing in the yard. I can't seem to muster the energy to go much further than the YMCA for a quick workout. Since Murphy is too little to wear sunscreen and with the weather being so unbearably HOT it has just been easier to hang out at home. I am sure it is a little boring at times but I guess we will survive a little boredom. Before we know it school and fall sports will start and we will be on the go-go-go so I am going to enjoy the rest of our "quiet" summer.


Whit is obsessed with his mower and wants to go outside and do yard work ALL the time. If he heres one of the neighbors crank up any yard tool he is immediately out the door to watch them. This obsession must be genetic because Brett was exactly the same when he was 2.