Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breakfast on the front steps

Brett wanted to eat his breakfast on the front steps so he could watch the new sod going in. He was sad to see his pile of dirt go but he always enjoys watching yard work being done. He really wanted to help but the sod was to heavy for him to lift.


At our house ketchup is considered a necessity. It is the closest some of my kids get to a vegetable. Whit has found that ketchup is very tasty. He loves to dip things in it and suck the ketchup off and re-dip to get some more ketchup! He usually ends up wearing some too.


I never knew ice could be sooooo entertaining. Whit loves to play with it and pour it from one plastic cup to another and eat a few pieces along the way. It will keep him busy for 20-30 minutes or until the ice melts.

Devine Dirt

We are in the process of re-sodding a portion of our front yard which means another big pile of dirt! Brett was in heaven and couldn't believe his good fortune. He spent all Friday evening playing in it and was very disappointed when it was spread out over the yard on Saturday. Kevin has promised to get him some more soon- Goody- more dirt to track through the house.

Sharing Ice Cream

Reese not too happy about sharing her ice cream

Whit loves ice cream and he thinks that if anyone has some they have to share with him. Reese loves ice cream too, but she doesn't like to share- imagine that! She also doesn't like baby slobber on her spoon but one evening she was nice enough to give Whit a little taste.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I heart faces- "Silhouette" contest

This weeks contest at is silhouettes. I took this picture of Hadley in Asheville when she was 3. I just got lucky with the silhouette of her against the blue sky!

Watching the rain

We are in our summer weather pattern down here so we have been having thunderstorms almost every afternoon. Yesterday we had a "gully washer" and Whit was watching as our street and yard turned into a river.

Car Camping

We were doing some work outside so the girls and Brett decided to play in the car. According to them they were on the run from the "Cops" for stealing Paris Hilton's dog "Tinkerbell". They didn't do it according to Carson- it was all just a big misunderstanding! Thank Goodness! My what an imagination. They did get to enjoy some popsicles while they were on the run.


Just a cute picture of Whit in shades. He thinks he is so funny when he puts sunglasses on! Notice how light his hair is getting! He might be a toehead by the end of summer!


Well, it was a bit rainy here on Saturday afternoon so we made homemade playdough and enjoyed playing with it for awhile. Of course, Whit tried to eat it and was so nice that he shared some with Parker who decided he did not like it so he threw it all back up all over my very light carpet! YEAH! Needless to say that was the end of our playdough for the day. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I heart faces- "Favorite Photo" contest

This week's contest at is your "favorite" photo. I don't know if I have 1 favorite photo because I probably have at least 1 per kid plus favorites that are group shots. I picked this photo of Griffin at the Children's Museum in D.C. The photo isn't great as far as exposure etc. but I just think it is neat with all of the "Griffin's" that are in the picture. By the way, he was 2 years old- where has the time gone?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I had another birthday! Unfortunately, when you are a Mom your birthday is just another day. We did have yummy chocolate cake and the kids made nice cards so it was a good day plus we had NO activities- that is a gift in itself!

Last Day of Pre-School

School's out for Summer!

Brett had his last day of pre-school for the year yesterday. They had a little music program and cake and ice cream to celebrate a good year. Brett likes school but is glad that it is summer vacation. He is even happier that his siblings still have a few more weeks and has enjoyed rubbing it in that he is already on vacation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bath Tub Graduation

Whit has graduated to the "Big Tub" for bath time. He loves to splash around and he thinks it is so funny when the bubbles stick to his hands. He usually doesn't get to stay in very long because he slides all around and tries to stand up so you have to be ready to grab him before he goes under then when you take him out he gets really mad! 

Shopping Spree

                                 Some of our new outfits

On Saturday I took the girls on a "shopping spree"! Not exactly my cup of tea but they needed a few things and I thought we would have a nice day- just the girls. We hit the mall and a few other stores as well. They loved trying on things in the dressing room! You should have seen some of the things they put on. Let me just say that there are some really UGLY clothes out there and we seemed to try them all on. When it was all said and done they each ended up with a new shorts outfit, summer dress, flip-flops, a bathing suit and a book. I also wanted to have a nice lunch but they all wanted Chick-fil-a! Maybe we will graduate to a "nice" lunch in a few years.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, we had a very uneventful Mother's day. I was truly unproductive. Kevin took the "big" kids to the pool while Whit took his nap. I was going to tidy up around the house but I decided I would take a little rest first. Well, that "little" rest turned into a 3 hour nap! I guess I was catching up on some much needed sleep or I am just getting OLD! According to Hadley my "hobby" is sleeping so I guess I was just doing my hobby. Here is a photo of me and my brood after I woke up.

Brett's last soccer game

Brett had his last game on Saturday and he was soooo excited because he knew it was "TROPHY" day!
He has been waiting all season to get his hands on his trophy. He sees all the trophies that the big kids have and he really wanted one of his own. When he finally got it he was so happy that he has been carrying it around with him. He is very proud of it.


This weeks contest @ i heart faces was "laughter". Let me tell you this one is a hard one to catch on film. I had to search my albums to come up with this picture of Reese laughing and swinging when she was about 9 months old.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Parker's Birthday

Yesterday (Cinco de Mayo) was Parker's "Birthday"- actually the day the rescue found him- but we decided to designate it as his birthday. He is 3! The kids wanted to make "pupcakes" to celebrate so we did our best to make them look like Parker. I don't think any of us have a career as a cake decorator in our futures but we had fun trying. Parker got to sample one sans icing. He ate it in one bite! He also got some big dog treats and a lot of love.

Whit's words

Ok, so I take care of this kid all day and what are his first words- "Poppy" and "Doggie". That's the thanks I get for all of my efforts. Oh well, maybe he will start saying "Mommy" soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I heart faces kids entry for "Hats"

I found this very cool photography website ( that has weekly contests you can enter your photos in. I know my photos are not good enough to win anything especially since I know nothing about how to tweak them in "Photoshop" but I am trying to learn so I figured I would enter just for fun. This weeks category is "Hats". When I saw that I immediately thought of this picture I had take of Carson when she was a baby. I love the look on her face and the blue of her eyes and I especially like the way her ear is folded over by the hat.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"How to be Naughty- 101" by Whitaker Markland

1. Climb up in chair

2. Stand on table

3. Look cute so Mom won't spank you

4. Play in dog's water bowl and turn it up-side- down quickly before you get caught

5. Climb in computer chair and smash on the keyboard

Brett's latest soccer game

Brett had another game on Saturday. They were cute- as always. Brett got several goals despite suffering from a little bit of a cold and recovering from pink eye. His team has one more game and he is very excited to get his 1st trophy!