Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whit walking

Well, it is official. Whit has entered the world of walking. He will still crawl a little bit especially if he wants to get somewhere quickly. However, in the last few days he seems to be walking more and more each day. I guess that means running is next! GREAT!!!!


We finally got our new dog. We adopted "Parker" from a local rescue and he is a very good dog- so far. He is a yellow lab mix- exactly what I said I didn't want but he is house trained and knows some basic commands. We have to work on walking on the leash a little but he seems to respond pretty well to training and is a fast learner. The kids absolutely adore him and are showering him with lots of love.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So after we had our fun in the snow we were inside the rest of the day because the snow melted but it was still very cold. The girls had a session of "Webkinz School". They were studying rock formations and Reese had the brilliant idea of making a Volcano! So that is just what we did. The kids loved it- especially Brett. Now the girls think that it is more fun doing "school" at home so they want me to homeschool them! Ha-ha- I would be sent away to the looney farm before we got through our first lesson!

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Ok, so they were calling for a light dusting of snow on Monday night. Low and behold the school district cancelled school before the first flake even fell! You've gotta love SC! So what was already a long weekend (MLK holiday) turned into an even longer weekend. Thankfully, we did get some snow and the kids were thrilled. I never knew you could have so much fun in 1/2" of snow!
I am glad they got to have a snow day but I am thankful that we only get snow every few years because it is exhausting trying to get 6 kids in and out of snow gear not to mention the fact that I really don't like being cold!

New Hair!

Mom and Carson and Reese were in desperate need of some haircuts so we took advantage of Pop being off on MLK day and we went and got some new "dos"! I think we each got about 8" chopped off!


Griffin and Pop went skiing at Sugar Mountain in Boone, NC. It was Griffin's 1st time and he did good according to Kevin (he only crashed in to a few other skiers- just kidding!) Luckily, they both came home uninjured and are looking forward to the next time. Griffin says he is ready for a bigger mountain!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lipizzaner Stallions

I took the girls to see the Lipizzaner Stallions. We had front row seats thanks to Kevin so we got a good view of the horses and all of their drool and poop! They were very impressive and the girls (mostly Carson) loved the show and thought it was well worth the $ to be up close and personal with the horses.

Reese's b-ball game

Reese started basketball this Saturday. She had a double header and her team won the first and lost the second. She had 1 point but played aggressive defense. She is #12 just like Griffin this year.

Whit's tunnel

Whit got a new tent and tunnel for Christmas and he loves it! He crawls in and out all day long and he loves to play peek-a-boo in the tent.

Griffin's new phone

Griffin is officially a teenager now. He is now the proud owner of a cell phone! Now he can text his life away just like all the other teens out there. Thankfully, we have unlimited texting on our plan because now it seems that is the only way to communicate with any one these days.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Griffin's 14th Birthday

I can't believe how fast the years continue to fly by. Griffin celebrated his 14th birthday- boy do I feel old! He got some more Duke stuff enjoyed his favorite cake- Oreo ice cream pie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

American Girl Store

Oh what fun! We finally made it to the American Girl Store in Atlanta! I really wish I had come up with this idea because they are making a ton of money. We went with Emma and all the girls brought a doll with them. They got their hair styled at the doll salon and then the girls got to pick out an outfit for their dolls. They loved it!

Georgia Aquarium

Mom and the girls went to Atlanta on the spur of the moment for a little girls weekend. We have been wanting to go to the Aquarium and to the American Girl store for a while and we finally got the chance. Poppy stayed home with the boys so it was an all girls adventure. The Aquarium was lots of fun and we got to see all kinds of aquatic creatures.