Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gamecocks Vs. Ole Miss

Griffin's lucky hair!

Well, the Gamecocks had a big game against #4 Ole Miss. Grandpa was out of town so I got to take Griffin to the game. He was so excited because it was the ESPN Thursday night game and he was confident that the Cocks would win despite the fact that they have never beaten a team ranked in the top 5 at home-ever! His confidence paid off and the Cocks came away with a big victory 16-10. We had a great time and saw a good game, too!

I knew these kids would come in handy!

So we are finally peeling the ugly wallpaper in our kitchen! Hooray! Only thing is- it's a PAIN!!!! Why does it never come off easily? Well, we are fortunate to have extra helping hand at our house! So if anyone needs cheap child labor just give us a call! Just don't report us to DSS!

Sweet Whit?

Here is my darling little boy relaxing in my bed with remote in hand. Can you believe that this "sweet" little angel came home from preschool with a note saying- and I quote- "Whitaker bit one of his friends today"! Great! Now I am the Mom with the menace in the class!

What's New?

Guess what? Whit is making another mess! He loves to go in my closet and take all of our shoes off the shoe rack. Of course, he also likes to wear my shoes around the house but that's another issue I'll deal with later!

Hadley's lost tooth

Hadley FINALLY lost her 1st tooth. I think she was the only kid in 2nd grade who hadn,t lost one yet. She was very excited that the Tooth Fairy finally came to visit her.

Brett's 1st soccer game of the season

Ok, this game was 3 weeks ago so I am a bit behind again. Anyway, the first game was great. All the kids seemed to know what direction to kick the ball and almost all of them scored. Unfortunately, our next 2 games were horrible! They were very unfocused and Brett decided that he would rather be "Wolverine" during the game instead of play soccer. Oh well, they are only 4 so I guess I'll lighten up a bit.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

The girls got Taylor Swift concert tickets for their birthday from Mimi. It was suppose to be a "Girls Night Out" but wouldn't you know Mom got sick! So Poppy had to step in and take them. They had a great time and the concert was reported to be "AWESOME"! They have now decided that they would like to go on tour with Taylor Swift and follow her around the country- Sorry girls-not gonna happen!

Poor Paisley

No dog should be subjected to this kind of abuse! The girls dressed her up in some of their "American Girl" clothes and had a "fashion shoot". Doesn't she look stunning?!

1st Day of Preschool

Finally, Preschool has started! YIPPEE!!! Do I sound excited? Brett and Whit started school about a week ago and I have to tell you the 3 hours of peace and quiet are soooo worth the money I spend. Whit loves it and goes willingly. Brett doesn't love it but still manages to have fun while he is there.

Reese's 9th Birthday

I am way late posting these pics of Reese's birthday but I have been busy, like everyone else with school and activities. I wish I could charge my kids cab fare because I would be RICH! Anyway, we celebrated Reese's birthday with a very yummy cookie cake and a few gifts-her main gifts were the trampoline and puppy that we had given her a few weeks ago- so her "real" birthday was quiet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carson's 11th Birthday

Me and my "Baby" on her 11th birthday

The "Gang"

Happy Birthday to You!

Carson is 11! She is now old enough to take the Red Cross Babysitting course that she has been waiting to take for 2 years. She already has a name for her babysitting service- "Carson's Caring Arms Babysitting"- so if there is anyone out there who needs a babysitter in the greater Irmo area just give her a call. Of course, I may have her booked through the year 2020!

Petit Fours

Whit sampling the icing


The girls decided that they wanted to attempt to make petit fours (or pedicures as Hadley called them) for a treat. We had a recipe in one of our books so we gathered the supplies and did our best. Let us just say that "The Cake Boss" will not be hiring us to assist in his bakery. Our petit fours left a lot to be desired in the looks department but we had fun making them and they tasted good so I guess that is all that matters!