Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures of Whit

Just some random pics of Whit playing outside

Box Fun!

Brett and Whit had fun playing in the box that the sand table came in- maybe there is a market for selling big cardboard boxes because it seems to me that kids like the boxes as much as the toys.

Whit's new sand table

Whit got a new sand and water table for his b-day. It was finally nice enough to put it together and play with it in the backyard. The little boys love to splash in the water and drive their trucks in the sand. I am sure that it will provide hours of entertainment in the coming months.

Mr. Clean

Last weekend it was very rainy and cold and we were stuck in the house. Needless to say everyone got a little restless and started to pick at each other. I had had enough so since the kids could not find anything to entertain themselves with I found things for them to do. One of their tasks was cleaning baseboards. They quickly decided that this was no fun and promised to behave- everyone except for Brett. He loved it and he continued cleaning while the rest of the gang ran off to play- he will make a good husband one of these days!

Monday, March 16, 2009

ACC Tournament

                                                Griffin & Kevin at the ACC Tournament

                                                     Heading to Atlanta

Griffin & Kevin headed down to Atlanta for the ACC tournament. As luck or skill would have it DUKE won! Griffin was thrilled and he got some ACC Champs gear to wear to school and taunt all his friends who give him a hard time about being a DUKE fan. As for the rest of us we spent a quiet weekend at home. We all got a little stir crazy because it rained all weekend not to mention the fact that Hadley had a "pukefest" on Friday/Saturday so I spent a good portion of the night/day cleaning up after her. She did recover by Sunday and we went to the circus in the evening-everyone went including Whit! Let us just say that Whit and I did not see much of the circus. Memo to self- 1 year olds are too young for live entertainment!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brett's soccer game

                        Getting some game strategy from Coach Pop

                                                         Run, Brett, Run!

                                                             Soccer Star!

Brett had another soccer game last night that we all got to attend. He was very fired up that he had a big cheering section. He looks so cute in his little uniform and cleats! He ended up with 3 goals.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wouldn't he make a cute girl?

Whit's hair is a little out of control but I am not ready to cut it yet so it usually hangs in his face. It was hot at Griffin's tennis tournament and Whit had gotten sweaty and dirty and his hair was hanging down in his eyes so I took one of the many ponytail holders that I have in my car and gave him this darling "do"!


                                                      Carson & Reese at soccer

 Whit having fun at tennis
 Griffin's serve

I am still trying to recover from the weekend and the whole daylight savings time is killing me! We had lots of stuff to do. Griffin had a tennis tournament in Florence all weekend so Kevin and I split tennis duty. He did fairly well considering he is playing #3 singles at 14 meaning he is usually playing against juniors or seniors in high school. Brett had his first soccer game on Saturday morning and he scored 2 goals. Unfortunately, I did not get to see it because I was in Florence with griffin and Whit while Kevin coached soccer. Carson and Reese had a game also and their team won as well. Thankfully the weather was great and I was able to make it back in time to catch the girls game. I still need some sleep and I need to catch up on the laundry but I guess that's what Mondays are for!

Friday, March 6, 2009

More Birthday for Whit

Since Whit's birthday was during the week we ended celebrating it with Gram & Grandpa and Mimi & Kalyn over the weekend. Whit was much more cooperative with the white cake and icing and he made a good mess for us. However, I will remember that blue icing stains little hands for a few days- oh well, you're only 1 once!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whit's 1st birthday

Hard to believe Whit is 1! The first year always flies by especially when you are baby #6 and there is so much going on at your house. We didn't do much on Whit's "real" b-day since it was in the middle of the week. We gave him a cupcake and his present. He wasn't that thrilled with the cupcake. We were hoping he would get a little messier but I don't think he was in to the chocolate-go figure!?


I know everyone has seen the commercial for the "SNUGGIE"- the blanket with sleeves. We always laugh when the ad comes on tv. What a gimmic- we have decided you can get the same effect by putting your robe on backwards but apparently the inventors of the "SNUGGIE" are selling them like crazy. As a joke Mimi sent one to Griffin so he could snuggle up in his "SNUGGIE" while he watches his basketball-he is "thrilled"! We have also decided that he looks like a Jedi warrior from "Star Wars".

Big boys still need a Nap!

One weekend Griffin and I were watching basketball and the next thing I knew he was sound asleep. I just had to snap a few pictures! How "angelic"- a sleeping teenager-quiet and peaceful and no attitude!

Messy Face

Now that Whit has started eating "real" food he is discovering how yummy and messy it can be. One of his favorites is mac-n-cheese!