Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reese & Parker

Reese and her beloved Parker. She loves this dog so much- more than the rest of us sometimes. She lays all over him and lets him lick her and get doggy breath all in her face and she doesn't even care. This surprises me because if you know Reese you know how "particular" she is about smells, tastes and how things feel. I guess she has true "puppy love"!

Boy in a Box

Whit loves to squeeze himself into this tiny little plastic box. If you try to take him out before he is ready he throws a fit. I don't know how he can be comfortable in there but he likes it!

More kiddie pool fun

Playing in the kiddie pool has become a daily thing around here. This time Whit wanted in on the action. At first, he wasn't to sure about the water but he finally decided to get in and give it a try. Brett likes to use one of our boogie boards to "surf"- as you can see it takes up the entire pool!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bathing Beauties

The girls came home from the pool and were a bit chilly because the water is still a bit cool. They decided to stretch out in the sun to warm up.

A Day at the Park

I took the little boys to the park for some fresh air. It was a nice, spring day- apparently our last because now it is hot. Whit thinks he can do whatever Brett does so I have to follow him around so he doesn't catapult himself off of the playground equipment.

C & R Soccer

Carson & Reese after a hot game

Reese amongst the GIANTS

Carson's corner kick

The girls had a game over the weekend. It was our first really HOT game so our team was a bit sluggish. We lost 2-1 but Carson & Reese played good. Reese had our only goal. I think there are 3 games left in the season so hopefully we can get another win or two.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiddie Pool

Well it has gone from Spring to Summer over night. Yesterday it was 72 and breezy- today it is sunny & 88. Brett got hot digging in his dirt pile so he decided today was a good day to bring out the baby pool. He had fun splashing around until the water got too dirty for him.

Weird Kid!

I opened my freezer up to find this-Hadley's tattered blanket. I am not sure why it is in there because I haven't had a chance to ask her yet. The funny thing is that Griffin used to do the same thing with his blanket. I can remember searching all over the house because he couldn't find it and he needed ti for bed time. It would finally turn up when we went in the freezer for something else!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tennis continued...

Here are a few pics of Griffin's last match that he won 6-1, 6-0 against Aiken. The season is winding down- I think we have 4 more matches and playoffs if his team makes it. He is having a good season but having 3 matches a week are taking a tole on his elbow- I guess it is the classic "tennis elbow" syndrome. Of course he won't listen to me when I tell him to ice it etc. because we all know that a 14 year old knows so much more than his mother!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hadley teaching Cheers

Hadley was attempting to teach Carson and Reese some cheers and gymnastics moves. Unfortunately, her pupils don't really have what it takes to do either. They are both better suited to kick a soccer ball.




Cute Whit

Just a picture of Whit being cute. He likes to put on hats and wear them backwards. I think he knows he is cute because he laughs and smiles when he does it.

Swimming in April

Our community pool opens on April 1st every year. Now it can be warm in April down here but the nights are still pretty cool. Needless to say the pool water is anything but warm. My girls don't care. They want to swim! So for the past few weeks they have gone swimming on the weekends. I think they are crazy but we take them anyway. The swim only lasts about 15 minutes and they are purple when they exit the pool but they continue to ask to go swimming. as for me, I won't be getting in until at least Memorial Day!

Messy Whit/Clean Whit

Whitaker LOVES spaghetti. Of course when he eats it he also wears it and it ends up all over the floor. The good news is that he, like my other boys, loves to clean. He especially loves to drag around the Swiffer mop and bang it into everything.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

B'egg Hunt

One of the local pet rescues in Columbia had a "B'egg Hunt" for the local dogs as a fundraiser. The girls and I took Parker and he had fun sniffing other dogs and peeing on every surface available. The girls were also thrilled that there were lots of puppies there for adoption and tried to convince me to bring another one home- NO LUCK!

Brett's little piece of heaven i.e. DIRT!

Kevin got a new pile of sand and Brett is thrilled! He loves to play and dig. Now he has lots of sand to do it with! The other kids like it, too! They get very dirty and my house has been transformed into a beach but it is all in the name of FUN!!!

Egg Hunt

The kids got in their annual egg hunt and easter crafting at church. Carson and Reese lucked out because there was only 1 other boy in their age group so they each got about 30 eggs. They always enjoy it but it leaves me with a lot of candy and junk scattered about my house for about a week!

Dying Easter Eggs

I decided to let the kids dye eggs this year. I usually don't do it because no one at my house likes hard-boiled eggs so I didn't like to waste a dozen eggs but this year I decided what the heck. They were so excited but didn't understand that you can't keep them as decoration. We had fun and hey I even made some egg salad that Carson at least tried!


After a few days in the mountains it was back home for the gang and back to reality for MOM! My house was very quiet with only 1 kid for 2 days. Kevin felt that he deserved a reward for his good deed so he and Griffin went to the 1st round of the Masters in Augusta. They went to see Tiger Woods play and walked his 18 holes with him. He did not play great but they still enjoyed seeing him. They were not allowed to take any electronic devices inside so they only got a shoot of the 2 of them in the parking lot.

Spring Break in NC Mountains

Kevin took off the week of spring break and took the "big" kids to Cashiers. I decided to stay home so I could have a little break plus the weather was suppose to be cold and I don't do cold especially in April! They had fun hiking and playing at the awesome playground in town. Griffin was a great big brother and endured many games of hide and seek tag with his siblings. Kevin also took them all around western NC on a driving tour. The kids were thrilled that it snowed all day one day they were there and I was thrilled that I missed it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blowing Kisses

Every school day Brett walks up the hill to his school and he always waves and blows me about 20 goodbye kisses. It is just so sweet I had to capture it so that when he is an old, crusty teenager and doesn't want to be in the same room with me I can show him that he did in fact want to give me love & kisses when he was little.

Gold Medal Girl

Hadley & her team
Hadley's Gold medal

Hadley had her last gymnastics meet of the season on Friday. Although, it was not her best meet she still managed to get the gold medal. She actually fell off the beam and was very disappointed until she realized she still had a high enough score to get gold. I didn't realize how competitive she was!


Carson had her spring musical in chorus on Thursday. She was a "No-Beard" pirate. The show was cute but unfortunately I spent most of it in the hallway with Whit. He is much too "Busy" to sit and enjoy a show.