Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soggy Soccer


Victory Smile

Why are we playing with a PINK ball?

Yes, another soccer-filled weekend! 
And to top it off it was RAINY (are you sensing a theme here?)!
Saturday was warm and rainy but on Sunday it was wet and 45 degrees-YUCK!
We made it through and no one is sick yet!

Advantages of Cloudy Days

One good thing about overcast days is the light. Perfect for pictures of the little ones! No shadows or harsh sun to get in their eyes and make them squint and make "funny" faces. Plus, it is usually pleasant so no complaints about being too hot!

Hanging in the driveway

The "RAINY SEASON" continues around here but at least it is just rain and not snow like up north. We have been dodging rain drops but try to spend as much time outside burning off some of our "kid" energy. The driveway is a popular spot right now because the yard is so wet and mucky. We usually have bikes and scooters flying around, a game of hoops, soccer or tennis, bubbles, chalk and some sort of yard maintenance going on all at once. It can get pretty loud and crazy and we usually sustain some sort of injury but it is worth it because than my house isn't destroyed at the end of the day!

JV Soccer continued....

Carson is about halfway through her JV soccer season. Her team is still undefeated with a BIG game on Friday against our in town rival IRMO. She continues to play good despite what she thinks and she plays the majority of the game- pretty good for a 7th grader! Hopefully the rest of the season is successful- stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pedal Power

Whit has now mastered pedaling. He LOVES to ride his bike all around the driveway and down the sidewalk if he thinks he can get away with it. He really likes to ride it at full speed down the hill in our front yard! Well, at least he is wearing a helmet.

Brett and Whit made a "Fort" in the Family Room cabinets. With there blankets and pillows it looked quite cozy. I am thinking that if we ever need extra sleeping quarters this would work perfectly- as long as you're under 4 feet tall or very flexible.

Little Leprechaun and a Rainbow

Our St. Patrick's Day was filled with lots of kids activities but we did manage to squeeze in a little GREEN 
and this 

Are you impressed- You should be especially if you are aware of my culinary talents- or lack there-of!
It took me 2 days to put this master piece together and only 1 afternoon for it to disappear.
My kids want me to make it again but I don't think that will happen until next St. Patty's Day.

"I Like Big Butts"

There is NOTHING cuter than a baby butt sticking up in the air during a nap. 
I just love that little diapered booty! 

Getting BUCKETS!

March Madness is in full swing at our house. When we aren't watching basketball we are playing basketball. The latest to catch basketball fever is Brett. He is obsessed and wants to go shoot hoops every waking minute. Here he challenged Griffin and Colin to a game (very ambitious) but they had a lot of Brett imposed rules that gave him a chance to at least get a shot off from time to time. 



Murphy LOVES balls. Everyday he will empty the ball bucket and throw the balls around and chase them around in the driveway and yard. He is also pretty good at putting them back in again, too.

Tennis Anyone?

Griffin has been hot and cold on tennis this season. He had decided to opt out and play AAU basketball instead. But, a week later, with some pleading from his coach and team mates he went back. He played 6 challenge matches in one day to re-gain his playing spot and suffered the consequences with some pretty serious blisters. He lost his 1st match in a 3rd set tie-break but has won all of his other matches so far. He seems to be having fun and enjoying being back with his team.