Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whit is 3!!!










We made it!
There were times I wasn't so sure we would.
Whit is definitely our most challenging child.
He seems to always find trouble.
He is always BUSY and he needs constant supervision-or else.
He is a pro with scissors, markers, pens, glue, tape- you get the idea-
 and he always finds "interesting" things to do with them.
Despite all of his "destructive" tendencies he is very sweet and loving.
He always tells us he loves us and that we are the best mom/pop in the world.
He is very independent and has a mind of his own and once he decides he is going to do something there is no chance that you are going to stop him unless you want to hear a lot of screaming.
He loves to be outside (the best place for him) mowing, fixing stuff, swinging, digging
and getting as dirty as possible.
He keeps us hopping and wears us out at times but we love him so much
and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Whit- You're the Best 3 year old!

Whit's favorites @ 3

color = pink
show = Dora the Explorer
food = chicken nuggets
book = Knuffle Bunny
comfort item = silkie blanket
toy = tool/lawn mower
footwear = rubber boots
loves to talk on the phone- even to the telemarketers 
swinging- especially "underdogs"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Thinks My Tractors Sexy



Gram and Grandpa gave Whit this "SEXY" tractor for his birthday (a few days early). It is a BIG hit with Whit and everyone else. They all want to ride it and have been playing "Farmer" for the past few days. Whit says we need to take it to Mimi's so he can plow her field. I am sure she would appreciate the help!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Murphy




Just a few photos of Murphy. He loves to be outside and crawl all around and get really filthy. He is getting better about keeping things out of his mouth but we still have to watch him. He does enjoy a nice stick of chalk if he can get his hands on a piece. He likes to ride in the green car that is a family heirloom at this point (Gram got it for $2 at a yard sale when Griffin was little)! It still gives a good ride! The weather has been so wonderful- I hope this means an early spring because I don't want to have to put my flip-flops  away!

Guess where I was this weekend...

(only photo I got- pathetic)

You guessed it- the soccer fields!
Carson and Reese had a tournament so that meant a weekend watching a lot of soccer games. We had to split up on Sunday because Hadley had a meet in Myrtle Beach. Thankfully Kevin was willing to make that drive (3 hours each way!) so I took everyone else to soccer. It was a LONG weekend- not even a weekend really because we had to get up early and drive about an hour and then hangout all day so not much rest and relaxation like you are suppose to get on Saturday and Sunday. Now I am playing catch-up with chores and sleep- so we can do it all again this weekend! 

Hadley @ 8 1/2








Just some photos of Hadley I took over the weekend. I wanted to snap some shots of her to remember her at 8 1/2. I feel like she is a blur most of the time- constantly on the move and usually upside down. Between school and gymnastics she is rarely home for long so I made her put on "some really itchy clothes" according to her and do a quick photo shoot- and I mean quick. She could only give me about 10 minutes until she had to get on with her "life"!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Carson's 1st JV scrimmage






Carson had her 1st scrimmage as a JV player. It was quite an adjustment playing on that HUGE field. She has never played 11 v. 11 before so it will take a little time to get used to more players on the field and all the running involved but she did very good despite what she thinks. This is just the beginning of a long season so I am sure she will learn a lot and get better with each game.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walking





Whit got these sweet new Thomas boots from Mimi. His frog boots were all worn out so it was time to find a new pair. Aren't they the happiest boots you've ever seen. Nothing like having Thomas' smiling face looking up at you all day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Singing in the Sun



It was a beautiful, sunny day so Brett and Hadley decided they needed to carry umbrellas on our walk to the playground. I guess they are trying to protect themselves from the UV rays. Needless to say, the umbrellas ended up in the stroller before we reached the top of the hill!








Our trampoline has been getting a lot of use lately. The kids have been playing all sorts of silly games out there. Unfortunately, our springs are shot and we lose one about every other day. I guess it is time to buy some new ones- assuming they sell just the springs!

Murphy @ 10 mos.













Time flies when you're having fun and another month has flown by. Murphy is now a big old 10 month old- rapidly approaching his 1st birthday! He continues to get busier with each passing day. He is walking with assistance and can stand unsupported for a second or two. He gets into everything and has been found with all sorts of "goodies" that he is not suppose to have. He is very happy still and he loves to stand at the door/windows and see what's going on outside. He also likes to yell (I wonder where he learned that?) and will mimic anyone who does so. He likes to "play" with Paisley and she is fairly tolerant but she does get annoyed when he messes with her toes. He still loves to eat and is enjoying all the new "big" food he gets- especially mac-n-cheese. He has unfortunately gotten worse with his sleeping habits- meaning he doesn't- one nap a day and up screaming at midnight and 3 a.m.! You would think he was a newborn! We have had to play the part of "mean" parents and let him cry it out. Hopefully we will make progress on this front in the near future because it is getting old and so am I! Mommy needs her sleep!