Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're Going On a Bear Hunt...

We are trying to find some free activities to keep the littles entertained while the bigs are at school and at the same time expend some energy so they aren't bouncing off the walls all day. Whit decided we needed to go on a "Bear Hunt" so we took a hike. Thankfully, no bears were found be we did have fun skipping rocks in the creek, looking for frogs and hiking up the "BIG, BIG Mountain" on the way home.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rally Hawk

Griffin and Brett are Braves fans. They have slowly watched the Braves self-destruct and lose a 9 game lead in the race for the National league wild card play-off spot. In order to "rally" the troops, Griffin decided that they needed to give Brett a "rally" mohawk. Despite my insistence that he was NOT to do it  the dirty deed was executed behind my back while I was occupied with other things- playing outside  with the other kids. There was a conspiracy that included the barber (Griffin) and the stylists (Carson and Reese) who "gelled" him up so the hawk looked "really beast". Thankfully, he is not completely bald on the sides so we can shave it down if necessary.

side note: It didn't seem to give the Braves any luck. They lost and are now in a tie with the Cardinals with 1 game to play!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bubble Magic

Whit and Murphy LOVE the tub. Whenever they are a little crabby or seem to have trouble listening I pop them in the tub. It gets their minds off of their "troubles" (really my troubles because in the tub they are contained for a few moments). They usually use a lot of bubbles and water and they can get a little out of control but for the most part it works wonders on their moods and attitudes plus they smell soooooo good when they are done.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Reese's productive weekend: 3 games, 4 goals

Notice: Hadley perfecting the subtle art of grabbing your opponents arm/sleeve without the ref seeing it

Murphy LOVES when we sing "Happy Birthday"

FINALLY celebrating Kevin's b-day (3 days late)

Do you think I need a trim?

The sky after a storm

Well, our weekend was busy- as always.

high school football game
5 soccer games on Saturday
birthday party
Gamecocks football game
3 soccer games Sunday
celebrate Kevin's b-day
fall in to bed realizing the weekend is busier than the week

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Born To Be Wild

Whit loves his little bike. He loved it so much that he wore a big hole in the front tire. This is his new ride. A Radio Flyer Big Wheel! Like everything these days it beeps, flashes & plays music. 
Pretty sporty! I am sure all of the neighborhood preschoolers are very jealous!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Cock Fan

The Gamecocks had their home opener on Saturday night.
Griffin being the "SUPER COCK FAN" that he is brought out the body paint.
Nothing says LOVE like painting your kids chest before the big game.
In order to get the paint to dry fast Kevin brought out the leaf blower.
It was a bit chilly so Griffin screamed like a little girl during the entire process.
He says it held up pretty good but he did have to put a shirt on in the 4th quarter because it got a little nippy. I don't know if he will continue the look for the rest of the home games but the COCKS did manage to win so he might have to for good luck purposes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Murphy @ 17 months

Wild Man Murphy

Murphy pointing to his belly

One of his favorite things- the bike

Murphy is definitely all BOY!
His hair is always all over the place, he is always dirty 
and he always has a bruise or scrap somewhere on his body.
He loves to be outside and he loves to ride the bike.
He even tries to bring the bike into the house so he can do some laps (the dogs LOVE that).
He is very verbal, unfortunately he speaks another language. 
He has added a few words to his vocabulary that include:
 NO, BUBBLE, CAR and a version of PAISLEY.
His love of balls continues and he has a pretty mean fastball- trust me I have taken a few off of my face!
He loves to wave at all the cars that drive by our house and he loves the dogs.
He does have quite a temper and is working on perfecting his tantrum.
He keeps us busy with his climbing, rearranging and reorganizing of things around the house.
Nap time and bedtime are beautiful. It gives us a chance to catch our breath and put things back in order.
He is starting to "play" with Whit but he usually ends up "messing up" something and therefore being removed from the scene. I am sure that we improve with time.
He is very BUSY but sweet so I guess we will keep him for another month!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heaven Sent

The happy family! (Pat present via Skype)

He's here!
My new nephew!
Gunnar Douglas McCreary!
He is beautiful and I was lucky enough to witness his arrival into the world!
He is our new shining star!
We love you Gunnar!