Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wow! Nice Look! Brett came down wearing this "lovely" combination of stripes, plaids and socks with Crocs to go golfing! He would probably fit in nicely with some of those retirees on the golf course!

Whit and Murphy

Whit LOVES Murphy- so far! He loves to help change diapers, feed him his bottle, get his pacifier (notice who has the pacifier in his mouth!), hold him and rock him in his seat. Whit is doing pretty good with being displaced as the "baby". He just needs a few reminders about being gentle and not putting Murphy's bottle or pacifier into his own mouth.

"Driving Miss Paisley"

Reese rode Paisley around in Brett's truck for about 1/2 an hour. It was so funny and I can't believe the dog actually sat there for that long!

Paisley's Antics

Paisley the dishwasher

"please just one"

Paisley in lock down

It's a good thing she is cute or else she would be outta here! (just kidding)! This little puppy is pure trouble. She eats anything she can find, wrestles and harasses Parker who outweighs her by 60 pounds, chews furniture, climbs on the table, begs for food-you get the idea. I think we need a Cesar Milan intervention!

Who Knew?

Who knew you could do so much with peanut butter?
Hand Soap

Face Mask

Wood Polish


Brett came downstairs the other day wrapped in his fleece "Wolverine" blanket and proclaimed tat he was "God" and the blanket was his "God robe". He than proceeded to say: "If you want to come to heaven just raise your hand". Oh, if it were only that easy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo shoot- 1 week old

Murphy- 1 week

Here are my lame attempts to get some newborn pics of Murphy.

Baby Love

Carson & Murphy

We are all still in our baby love phase. The girls are especially good with Murphy and really a big help. They are old enough that they can handle holding him and feeding him etc. while I tend to dinner or other chores that have to be done. I guess it is good practice for them even though they all tell me they aren't getting married or having kids!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Murphy

So, Murphy has been home for a few days and seems to be adjusting to the craziness of his new world. Luckily, I have not had to rush around too much this week thanks to Mimi and Kevin taking some time off of work to mostly transport everyone to their appointed schools and practices. All the kids are still very much in that "new baby" love phase-except for Griffin. At 15 I really don't think a newborn has any great appeal. Here are some more pics.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kelly & Kevin + 7

Say hello to the newest member of our family- MURPHY THOMAS MARKLAND! He arrived on April 15, 2010 weighing in at 6 lbs. 15 oz. He is very sweet and is a blessing to have. The kids LOVE him to pieces and I am thinking of instituting a numbering system like they have at the deli so each kid has to take a number and when your number is called it is your turn to hold the baby. Here are a few pics- I'll add more later as time allows.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break obsession


Checking on our "friends"

Over break my kids (not Griffin- he was too busy relishing in Duke's National Championship win) were obsessed with FROGS! Carson and Reese discovered a frog paradise down by the creek on the horse trail in our neighborhood. They brought one home to show everyone else and we spent the next few days catching and releasing many "Spring Peepers" and tree frogs. The kids really wanted to keep at least one but Pop said no way- I always let him be the bad guy- so we released our little friends back into the wild to find their own bugs. It was a fun, free way to pass the days away. I have a feeling we will be searching for more little critters over the summer as long as there are no snakes involved!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter morning

We had a quiet Easter. We just hung at home and enjoyed the weather. We took the dogs on a nice, long walk on the horse trails and some of us (the crazy girls) went swimming at the community pool- BRRR!!! Of course, the kids also enjoyed their Easter breakfast of chocolate and PEEPS!

Baby it's HOT outside!

OK- what happened to spring? We have been in the 90's this week so out came the baby pool. It provides at least an hours worth of entertainment and I can usually sit on my big bottom in the shade so it is a win- win for everyone. Even Paisley got in on the action.

Easter Egg Hunt- part 2

I am a little behind posting these Easter pics but when the kids are home on breaks I can't get on the computer! Here are some pics from Brett's egg hunt at pre-school. As you can imagine the 4-5 year olds found all the eggs in record time so the hunt lasted about 2 minutes and the candy was eaten on the way home in the car.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring pics @ school

OK, so I forgot it was picture day at school and I didn't really pay attention to what the girls were wearing or how they had their hair- not that it really matters. Reese's picture turned out fine but Hadley looks like she just got out of a wind tunnel with that "messy" hair. Have the photographers ever heard of a comb? Do they really think I am going to spend $ on a "professional" photograph where my kid looks like that? I can get "messy" hair pictures at home for free!

Easter Egg Hunt- part 1

On Monday Whit's class at preschool had an Easter egg hunt. At first Whit wanted nothing to do with it. He tried to hand his basket back to his teacher and when someone put an egg in his bucket he threw it back out. He eventually got interested and picked up a few eggs but was not pleased to find that they were empty!

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Oh to be young again! Hadley and Brett decided to have some rolling contests down the hill in our front yard. Lots of fun but they both complained later of being itchy from the grass.